47 Lightning - High Performance And Comfort

Posted on 12/18/2006 EDT @ 23:00 under: Sport Boats, Fountain Powerboats
47 Lightning - High Performance And Comfort
Cruise at 70 mph or blow past your friends at 88+ mph. Pull into the best marinas first with all of the luxury of a waterfront condo. Fountain Mercury's 47 Lightning is the perfect combination of performance and comfort. It's newly designed twin-step Positive Lift Hull and triple Mercury 525 EFI engines, combined with a 314 gallon fuel capacity, give you an incredible top end speed of 88+ mph, and the cruising capability to reach distant ports in record time.
Running 47 LightningExterior 47 LightningExterior 47 LightningCockpit 47 LightningSaloon 47 Lightning
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